Thrive & Decay

by Middle Child

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Recorded at Red Oak Collective Studios
Recorded and Mixed by Carlos at Beyond Recording
Mastered by Jesus at Time Lapse Mastering
Album Art done by Joshua Bowlby

All songs produced and written by Middle Child


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Middle Child Lakeland, Florida

Dad Rock for the masses. Hailing from Lakeland,FL. Middle Child is a 4-Piece Spirit-filled Rock & Roll band. We are your dad's favorite rock band.

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Track Name: Water Cooler Gossip
I've cried a lonely heart
Brought to despair
Push and shove push and shove
Expected to be unexpected
Oh what a curse to be a poster for the convicted
My weight thrown against the sea
Because I'm not what you want me to be

Oh sweet chariot I grasp my last breath
Because it's me who that anger that creates you perfect
Why do I ask when you shall receive

This world is broken

Lashed out against creation is a pity decree
Blasphemy preached is a comics cure

Oh God wash us away
So we can sink beneath the ship that has set sail
So we can sink beneath the ship that has set sail

Oh God have we not learned
That our doubt has lead us to this
I am but a sinner with a saint's name

Rotting with every breath
That is taken from me
Doctor patch me up
Then send me out to war

I write this letter
To the heavens
I write this letter

God set me free
Track Name: King Trash Mouth
Build up your walls
To keep to yourselves
Build them up high
So stuck in your self-made doctrines

Not even striving to reach out
Beyond those wooden doors

You've condemned your fellow man
Left him to starve outside
While you keep inside your walls

Where is the devotion to compassion
Learn to reach, or you're a dying breed

Self-indulgent minds make for weak hearts
Sympathetic thoughts
No empathetic action
Twist your ideals of the deity
Until the face is unrecognized

Die to self

Walking with the plank in your eye,
So quick to judge
What you cannot see
Hypocrite, your vision is twisted

Your vision is twisted
You've been blind for so long
Judgment has come
Eye for an eye

Spit in the face
Of the one who taught you love
Your spirit is weak
Your spirit is dead